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Energy Efficient Glass

Viridian SmartGlass incorporates an advanced energy efficient insulation coating. There are four colours of SmartGlass available, each providing increasing levels of solar protection (SP). You should talk with your builder to determine the SmartGlass most suited to your home's location, climate and window orientation.


Will the use if silicone joints weaken my window?

Since the weight of the glass will only be supported by the head and the sill, a silicone joint will significantly lessen the strength of your window. Silicone joints are still a viable glazing option, however they need to be implemented carefully and with prudent consideration to the wind load and local topography.


Which is the best glass to use for thermal insulation?

Double glazed glass is the best for thermal insulation. Due to the air space between the two panels, less heat is transferred between the exterior and interior of your home. This means that in winter less heat is lost to the outside, and in summer less heat is allowed inside.


Which sill should I opt for in an exposed location?

In an area that is subjected to a large amount of wind and rain, it is best to use a 300pa sill. This will be of great assistance in sealing your home.


Which is the best glass to use for acoustics?

In terms of sound insulation, the most effective glass is laminated glass, as it absorbs sound more effectively than any other variety of glass.


How can i find out what Terrain category my local area is rated at?

Your local council will be able to give you a definite answer on this query.

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