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For architects, engineers, builders or developers, it is important to build client trust in today’s fast-moving construction industry by keeping costs down and meeting deadlines.

Prefabricated materials have helped erect buildings faster than ever. But even this solution comes with its handling costs, which can blow out a project’s budget with the need to use a tower crane just to lift the panels into place. However, with Rediwall®, the permanent PVC construction formwork solution from AFS, you can save on handling costs, with lightweight panels that are easily lifted into place by hand and components that just either snap-in or slide together and lock into position.

Bear the load

Complying with strict building code standards is a must, so you can instil trust in your clients and build your reputation as an architect or engineer. Rediwall® permanent construction formwork by AFS is fully compliant, being CSIRO-tested for smoke and fire as well as being deemed water resistant. As such, Rediwall® is certified as a load-bearing building component, so on top of doubling as both a structure and its own formwork, it requires no other framework on which to stand.

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Snap, brace, pour

110mm, 156mm and 200mm PVC-based panels simply snap-in together, while the 256mm profiles utilise a slide together action.

Certifying engineers simply remove the cap to approve placement prior to pouring concrete - that's not possible with conventional systems.



The outer cover effortlessly slides up for trouble-free access to reinforcement. With everything in place, it simply slides back to allow core filling.


Open-back corner gives unobstructed access for trouble-free installation of reinforcement bars.



Basement Walls
Blade Walls
Party Walls
Retention Tanks
Retaining Walls
Landscaping Walls
Planter Boxes
Foundation Walls
Service & Stormwater Pits



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